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The current members of the Australian Institute of Magic are available to perform at your next function. Contact members individually for availability and services.

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CLOSE UP MAGICIANS: Anthony DeMasi, Mat Unwin, Rex Reeve, Simon Coronel, Tom Stevens, Michael Sullivan, Tim Ellis, Lee Cohen, Nathan Ernest, Enzo Ficco, Nicholas Johnson, Brendan Croft, Joel Howlett, Les Cohen, Peter Cook, David Jones,  Dan Bingham, Dom Chambers, Nick Kesidis, Lachlan Wilde.

STAGE MAGICIANS: Cosentino,  Joel Howlett, David Jones, Simon Coronel, Tim Ellis, Lee Cohen, Anthony DeMasi, Mat Unwin, Tom Stevens, Enzo Ficco (Al Cappuccino), Nicholas Johnson, Nick Kesidis, Lachlan Wilde.

ILLUSION SHOWS: Tim Ellis, Joel Howlett, Cosentino.

KIDS SHOWS:  Mat Unwin (Mr Onion), Dan Bingham (Dazzling Dan), Dom Chambers (Domino),  Tim Ellis (The Mad Hatter), Lee Cohen (Kobi the Clown), Anthony DeMasi (Luigi Zucchini),David Jones, Tom Stevens (Tip Top Tom), Nicholas Johnson (Tricky Nick), Brendan Croft, Joel Howlett (JD), Les Cohen, Lachlan Wilde.

Dan Bingham
Stage, Close Up, Kids

Professional full time magician Dazzling Dan creates prestige and buzz with his cheeky magic show and close-up illusions. Hilarious, original, pleasant. Dazzling Dan delivers.


p: 0417165408
e: Click to email
w: DazzlingDan.com
fb: DazzlingDan
t: @Dazzling_Dan

Dom Chambers
Close Up, Stage, Kids

Dom Chambers is a new generation magician. The kind without the hat, the boxes, the wand or the beautiful assistant (although always searching).


p: 0424594739
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w: DomChambers.com.au
fb: DomChambers


Lee Cohen
Close Up, Stage, Kids

Lee is a second generation magician and specialises in performances in character with rabbits.


p: 0411644931
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t: twitter.com/LeeCohenMagic
fb: LeeCohenMagician


Les Cohen
Close Up, Kids

Les has been interested in magic since he was 12 years old. He has been performing professionally for more than 40 years.


p: 0409 526 681
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fb: LeslieCohen

Peter Cook
Close Up

Close up & walk around magic to private house functions or that larger venue in the local hall. Based in Gippsland.


p: 0411808080
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Simon Coronel
Close Up, Stage

Simon Coronel does things that look impossible, but aren’t. As an award winning illusionist and an experienced business consultant, he can enhance almost any occasion. Based in Melbourne and Hollywood.


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w: SimonCoronel.com
t: twitter.com/SimonCoronel
fb: ThingsBySimon


Stage, Illusions

Cosentino has been called “a supercharged showman” by the Herald Sun, and is now a bona fide superstar with his own national theatre tours and TV shows.


p: 03 9428 4862
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w: Cosentino.com.au
t: twitter.com/TheCosentino
fb: TheCosentino

Brendan Croft
Close Up, Kids

Brendan Croft has been performing magic for as long as he can remember, it’s not just a hobby or a job, magic is a part of Brendan’s life.


p: 0428 894 914
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w: BrendanCroft.com
fb: Stardock


Anthony DeMasi
Close Up, Stage, Kids

Australia’s Master of Comedy Magic! Add a sprinkling of intrigue, wonderment and humour at your next event with Anthony De Masi


p: 0417358655
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w: www.AnthonyDeMasi.com.au
fb: DeMasiMagic


Tim Ellis
Close Up, Stage, Illusions, Kids

Tim is an internationally award winning magician with over 40 years of experience on stage and television world wide.


p: 040 88 62442
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w: TimEllisMagic.com
t: twitter.com/TimEllisMagic
fb: AustralianMagician