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January 27, 2018 @ 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm
The Deluxe at The Pleasure Garden
James St
Northbridge WA 6003
ABRACADABRA AND OTHER USELESS MAGIC WORDS @ The Deluxe at The Pleasure Garden | Northbridge | Western Australia | Australia
A magic workshop for children of all ages… (from eight to eighty!)

Presented by Perth’s favourite renegade Maddgician, the Enigmatic Eccentric Jon Madd is back for the fifth year running at FRINGE WORLD. Breaking the first two rules of magic, he takes you on a retrospective journey through his very own Magical career as he shares fiercely guarded trade secrets with you. With years of experience as both a performer as well as a school teacher, Jon is truly in his element as he breaks down the simple sleights and subtle psychology behind what really makes a great magical performance. His delivery is infectious, his passion is contagious, he is also very generous with sharing his knowledge.

Bring a deck of cards your own two hands you’ll be amazed at just how amazing you can be too!

Presented by:
Jonathan Siow

The Enigmatic Eccentric, Entertainer Extraordinaire Jon Madd has a passion for performance and a genuine love for the audience. Having performed as a professional magician for nearly a decade, he has combined his expertise as a school teacher to create a magic workshop for kids as well as adults! Jon shares his knowledge & experience generously as magic has really enriched his own life, and it would just be selfish not to let others have the same joy and adventure it can bring!

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