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Alexander Hansford and Ollie Mealing Workshop.

May 10, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Alex Hansford

In my lecture, alongside several hard hitting, fun-to-perform card effects, I will talk about my theory and philosophy on magic, which I’ve gained from:

– My time living near New York City and talking at great length with Tony Chang;

– My time in Spain and influences from the Spanish school of card magic, learning from many ‘underground’ magicians there;

– My thoughts on a “studied carelessness” in card magic; I want to teach how to remove tension from what we do.

The effects I will teach explore economy and efficiency of the sleights we perform and how to structure magic to emphasise clarity of effect.

I will teach:

– A visual four of a kind change into a named four of a kind

– My take on classic plots like Alex Elmsley’s Diamond Cut Diamond

– extensive work on the LJ angle steal, lateral palm, Tenkai palm, making it workable in the ‘real world’

– Mystery card plot

– New ‘card to pocket’ sleights (easy, moderate, and very difficult respectively)

I feel there’s something for a wide range of audiences here. The card stuff ranges from intermediate to advanced with a few very easy things thrown in, while the theory is accessible to all.

I have been lucky enough to teach this material in lectures and workshops all over the place, most recently in Madrid, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sweden, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys in Australia/New Zealand!

Alex will teach

– Hessian

– Gurdel

– Material from Sprezzatura

Plus a few extras that are surprises for whomever attends

Ollie Mealing

Ollie Mealing is an underground legend in card magic. His creativity, approach and presentational style, have earned him critical acclaim amongst magic’s inner circle. At just fourteen years old, Ollie made the decision to go pro, carving out a successful six-year career, performing at the UK’s largest music festivals and private events. In 2014, Ollie was recruited to work and tour alongside Derren Brown – a position he still holds today. Within the community, Ollie is perhaps best well known for his YouTube videos, gaining worldwide praise for his original and hard-hitting material. After much demand, Ollie recently began sharing his philosophy on magic, via an online series called CHAT. Ollie’s lecture promises to feature a diverse range of sleights, effects and ideas from throughout his career so far. Coinciding with each offering, Ollie will also be sharing his highly praised thoughts on theory, the secrets to making your performance fooling and captivating.

Ollie will teach

– Underground (acaan)

– Connection

– Reason

Plus a few extras that are surprises for whomever attends

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