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Arrested, Under-Developed & Under-Medicated

February 21, 2015 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Published Arthouse
11 Cannon Street
Adelaide SA 5000
From $23
Arrested, Under-Developed & Under-Medicated @ Published Arthouse | Adelaide | South Australia | Australia

Krendl’s candid & captivating contribution to the art of magic & entertainment is to suspend belief, transport imagination & give the audience one hell of ride. All of these characteristics are synthesized in his latest production: Arrested, Under-Developed & Under-Medicated. Krendl’s latest creation stands in a long history of excellence & reinvention & has left critics scratching their heads in wonder. In this show, Krendl has taken “the conservative gloves” off & he will offer a performance that will offer original poetry that may jerk a tear while weaving illusions that evokes smiles & laughter. Historically, his calculating & innovative nature has pushed him to develop grander illusions. As he risks body parts on broken glass & razor blades medics will stand nervously by… On the street or stage Krendl’s mastery of the craft and his charismatic crowd engagement is a sure fire recipe for entertainment. Krendl can best be described as an odd, edgy, & slightly manic persona. To top it all off he is offering a sum of $200 to anyone who can tie him up & “stump” his escape prowess! Krendl is a wonderfully eclectic talent who… can barely bench-press his IQ but…

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