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Let’s Get Tricky – Preview

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February 27, 2015 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Salisbury Secret Garden - Salisbury Institute
17/19 Wiltshire Street
Salisbury SA 5108
Let's Get Tricky - Preview @ Salisbury Secret Garden - Salisbury Institute | Salisbury | South Australia | Australia

Imagine a magic show and a circus created a baby… Give it a bed-of-nails, dangerous objects and teach it to play with fire.

Mickster the Trickster is back, cheekier & trickier than ever. This year he ran away with the circus and, along the way, crossed paths with Mr Charisma, a quirky street circus performer with attitude.

Let’s get tricky is a breathtaking, high energy stage show filled with elite trickery, mind blowing mind-reading, high-stakes juggling and razor sharp-comedy. A must see hit show for the Adelaide Fringe 2015.

Beware… this is not a typical magic show, this is magic with a twist and these talented performers are both on fire… Literally!

WARNING: Contains stunts & illusions never before witnessed in Australia. Do not try these at home!

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