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Schrodingers Wizard

June 13, 2019 @ 7:15 pm – 8:45 pm
185 Lonsdale Street Melbourne
VIC 3000
Schrodingers Wizard @ Storyville

Multi award-winning magician (2018 Melbourne Magic Festival, Artistic Excellence; 2018 Ballarat Beard and Moustache Competition, Moustache Division) Mr. Marmalade in conjunction with Storyville, is proud to present –


Escape the weight of the city grind and enter a fairy tale world of magical mysticism, marvel at the musical mirth, and allow yourself to be transported into the world of Schrodinger’s Wizard.

Tucked away down Waratah Pl in Melbourne’s CBD is where you will find Storyville. The venue holds its cards well, and like any good secret, the outside is so unsuspecting you could walk past the front door every day and never give it a second thought.

With giant psychedelic mushrooms shading the bar, Storyville makes you feel like you’ve been shrunk to the size of the Borrowers and let loose to run free in the works of William Burrows and Jack Kerouac. It is here you will come to experience Melbourne’s most avant-garde magic show.

From the moment you pass through the black curtain veil, you are led through the annals of Mr. Marmalade’s life from birth to death, and finally to the present, while a transcendental soundscape, performed live by the incomparable Twinkle Toes and Mr. Zirkler, completes the evening’s sensory experience.

Unhinging your concept of traditional entertainment, Schrödinger’s Wizard makes the tea hatter’s party look like the teddy bears picnic.

Time becomes irrelevant as you are wooed, wowed, and left in awestruck wonder as Mr. Marmalade masterfully captivates your childhood imagination through his hilarious anecdotal tales, and beautifully polished stagecraft.

This show will truly be an olfactory delight for the eyes, touching you in a way that you will never taste again – A scintillating sliver of a synesthetic state.

A must see, not to be missed evening of heartfelt hilarity, intelligent folly, and all-round tom-foolery.

Mr. Marmalade is…

Schrodinger’s Wizard.

“When I saw the show, all I could see were the looks of disbelief on an awestruck audience.”

–          Twinkle Toes.

“look I just push the buttons…don’t try put this on me.”

–          Mr. Zirkler.

“A night unlike any other where you truly can unexpect the expected. Nothing is out of reach.”

–          Nuggets (aka. Twinkle Toes)

Performing 7:15 every Thursday at Storyville, you can purchase tickets online HERE

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