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October 13, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
The Famous Spiegeltent
Arts Centre Melbourne Forecourt 100 St Kilda Road
Wonders @ The Famous Spiegeltent
Scott Silven isn’t just one of the world’s finest mentalists and illusionists—he’s the rare sort of master who elevates his craft to the highest level of art.

With Wonders Silven takes his audience on an intimate walk through the corridors of the mind, furnished by their own memories and lit by his keen and surprising insights.

From stage and screen across the globe, Silven has accrued a reputation as one of the smartest and most stylish young proponents of his mysterious profession. Now he comes to Melbourne to transform our grand old Spiegeltent into a site for impossible acts of mind reading and uncanny prediction. His audience might be composed of strangers, but in Silven’s hands the invisible connections that bind us are made tangible, and secrets rise to the surface in the most unexpected ways. His feats might be the result of misdirection or psychology, but there’s a very real artistry that cuts beyond illusion to strike at the profoundest reaches of the human condition: telling us something about ourselves that isn’t easily put into words.

The philosopher Descartes dubbed wonder the first of the passions, since all other desires stem from the hunger that wonder provokes. Prepare to supercharge your senses and set your mind alight.

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