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AGM – November 27, 2017

Minutes taken by Secretary Nick Kesidis


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Treasurers Reports

Finish $76793 Opened $58000 – Retained earning is distributed acrid the MMF, Juniors & Surprise –

Total income post $182k – Made up of MMF $116K of that was for produces – $27600k expenses.

$15970 for international lecturers

MMF made effectively $8700 in profit after paying Volunteers, Producers & Directors.

$30k from Grant injection from AIM

$5k on advertising that had not been budgeted. This had a presence in the public but value undetermined

$73105 in the bank.

Townhall took a bigger cut from the profits this year

MMF was slightly less on ticket sales this year – Due to less shows in the morning in the first week. 2nd week of the festival was a massive increase which resulted in selling 500+ more tickets in total from the previous.


Magicians at work Report

Last two shows have been entirely packed out

sessions are really starting to take off & magicians are showing a lot of interest & sharing some great magic.

Theatre contacts are encourages to give feed back at sessions –

Audience will be giving feed back with cards & pencils.

Many magicians are wanted to perform at these nights.

Nicholas Johnson has asked if we can circulate running these events as MC.

Strolling/roving magic before the show is ok for people who want to entertain people in the line waiting to get


Juniors Report

Josh Staley – it’s going good – Juniors are doing magicians at work shows – all juniors are MMF junior champs.

Next year plans  – we need to look at ways to promote this to continue membership & attendees.

Rework the AIM juniors facebook page – but juniors are too young to use facebook.

We need to push Magic Universe discount

Aiming for 20 juniors per meeting.


Magic Classes Endorsement

Josh Staley – Juniors ask about private lessons so it would be good to have an AIM endorsement.


Membership Procedures

Les will send out the invoices for new members before you retires from his role.


Committee members 


President – Tim Ellis – Johnsons & Cohen

Vice President – Dan Bingham – Ellis & Chambers

Treasurer – Nicholas Kesidis – Johnson & Dorre

Public Officer – Dom Chambers – Staley & Chandler

Secretary – Nicholas Kesidis – Johnsons & Chambers & Chandler

Web master – assistance need in managing

Committee Member – Ron Dorre – Johnson & Chandler +

Committe Member – Nigel Xu – Kesidis & Staley