Welcome to the Australian Institute of Magic
Client: Nicholas J Johnson
Skill: Close Up Magic

Song: Tetris by Flap! http://www.flap.net.au

Camera: Nick Kesidis

Players (in order of appearance): Nicholas J. Johnson, David Chandler, Sam Marzden, Ben Sheldon, Gali Novak, Tom, Owen Collins, Ric Gill-Atkinson, Dave Lee, Simon Barber, Marita Petherbridge, Kevin Powe, Pedro Aguilera, Olivia Carter, Geoff Rose, Jackie Fraser, Patrick O’Duffy, Darryl Browne, Sean Fabri and Ben Mckenzie.


HOW DID YOU SHOOT THE VIDEO? The video was shot in one shot using GoPro 3 with a wide angle lens. The speed has been changed, speeding up and slowing in down in various place. An effect has been added to mess with the image stabilisation and create the weird, stop motion effect. There are no other edits or CGI.