Welcome to the Australian Institute of Magic

The Melbourne Magic Festival

Tickets on sale by calling 9481 9500 with over 250 shows and free events running from June 29 to July 11.

This is the eighth edition of Melbourne’s annual Magic Festival at The Northcote Town Hall and our CELEBRATION OF IMAGINATION literally includes something for everyone:


  • Magic shows designed to delight the very young with a menagerie of magical animal friends.
  • Magic shows created for families to enjoy together with lots of comedy and audience participation.
  • Magic shows for adult audiences with a sophisticated edge and highly skilled sleight of hand.
  • Theatre shows that use magic to tell emotional stories with universal themes.
  • Experimental shows that take use magic to take the audience on a journey that nobody expects.
  • Magic school with classes for kids of al ages, from beginner to expert.
  • Magic classes and workshops for teens and adults, some specialising in sleight of hand.
  • The Australian Junior Championships of Magic as we look for Australia’s next Cosentino.
  • Exhibits of magic photographs and historical paraphernalia.
  • Demonstrations of mentalism, fairy magic, grand illusion, close up magic, horror effects, street magic, escapes, and even improvised magic with MagicSports!


And that’s just a peek inside the hatful of miracles we have in store for Melbourne this year!